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  Welcome to Final Fantasy Fanart and Fanfic. This is Rinoa Chan's Fanart and fanfic page. Well, anyone who want to send me any fanart or fanfic about Final Fantasy VIII will be welcome. Just send it to me, cute Rinoa Chan. -_^

I need to remind you all that this page is still new and under huge construction. I've already scanned almost all of the pics that I have here. ^_^
Thanks to Squall Chan and Selphie!!! Well Zell too and Irvine and Quistis...

Rinoa a very agresive girl

Beauty that no one ever change

Melted the cold Squall

aahhh.... Squall Chan.....

Hmmmm...... anyone have any ideas or that willing to cooperate with me at making some of the Final Fantasy Fanart or Fanfic could just email me, the cute Rinoa Chan.. ^_^ (oo... I think I'm tooo.... )

OK! are you ready to go to my Fanart or fanfic page??? If you are ready, you are welcome to

Balamb Golden Garden
The place where you can read the story that WE have written here. You can said it as the Balamb library.
You can click it now but it still under heavy construction.

Balamb Silver Garden
The place where you can look at our pics and some other pics that we draw by ourself. You can said it as the Balamb gallerry
You can click it but still under heavy construction.

A word from RINOA CHAN
NEW UPDATES! find it in here!

Rinoa Chan's Awards
Rinoa Chan finally won an award!!!!!

Enter... and see the other side of the story....well... not other side... but other story that is made by myself. That's why it's not called the Balamb Garden.... but another name... ^_^
Funny... I hope that is... But I'm not the usual Rinoa you knew...maybe.....

In those garden, you could find many parts of the funny times and adventure of me with my lover, Squall Chan and my other friends. You can see when we are having our Valentine Day.... OO.... I love the Valentine day, I could give my be love Squall Chan a chocolate of mine.... although I've never go to the kitchen. :P

  Or maybe at White Day, where he would give me a present,... ufufufu.... ureshii. I could imagine how his face looks like while finding me a present. Or maybe see Quistis having fun with Irvine...^_^ AND many more funny and exciting story of our adventure.

Any comments or ideas or maybe if you guys have some fanfic or fanart that you guys wanna put in here, just e-mail Rinoa Chan. Or maybe you can message me with ICQ, just insert my UIN number : 7856225.

This page is owned by
Rinoa Chan and Squall Chan

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